Our Approach

Our Approach

Creating Flexible Duty Management Solutions

The flexibility of our products means that every solution we create is unique as each one is tailor-made to our client’s requirements. This ability has served us well over the years and our consistent development of new ideas and initiatives enhances every new client system.

Our existing users also benefit from new designs or improvements which can often be incorporated into their existing systems. Our products are designed to facilitate inbound and outbound processes. They are stored in their own respective places and both have multiple outputs with the inbound driving receipts and the outbound controlling releases.

Our single transaction concept simplifies the procedures ensuring ease of use and clean data. We understand that control of your stock is of paramount importance. With this in mind, we have created a warehouse module that sits perfectly between our inbound and outbound elements, fed with their data.

Benefits that give your business a competitive edge

Saving you money

  • Optimising your margins and cashflow.
  • Streamlined processes mean there is no need to employ extra staff.
  • No technical maintenance. We can host your system so we’ll look after everything for you. All you need is an internet connection!
  • Eliminates the possibility of any submission duplications.

Customs expertise

  • Automating your customs operations.
  • Achieving compliance with customs regulations.
  • Increasing accuracy with customs duty payments.
  • Flexible programs and screen layouts, designed with your specific data requirements in mind.
  • Easy to integrate with your existing system using flexible interfaces.
  • It’s reliable and robust. It works right away and will continue to do so.

Peace of mind

  • Providing you with customs expertise.
  • Extensive checks and validations are carried out right from the start ensuring your data remains clean throughout its journey. This also eliminates the possibility of any duplications.
  • You benefit from the experiences of our huge client base – it’s unlikely you’ll encounter a problem that we haven’t already solved.
  • Our solutions are “light touch” with best practice operation causing little impact on your existing procedures.

Customs Regimes


Customs Warehouse / Bonded Warehouse

Our Bonded Warehouse software is designed to integrate with your existing business and operational processes. Commercial transactions are used to drive the creation of warehouse receipts and releases via a series of data interfaces, avoiding double data entry and minimising the risk of keying errors. Multiple control checks ensure data accuracy and a single combined process is used to create and write off stock.


Outward Processing Relief

OPR revolves around tracking your components out and finished items back in. Commercial data is interfaced for the export and Langdon’ receipt data is used to offset the imported finished item. BoMs, time expired exports and equivalent products are all handled automatically. As with Inward Processing, all statutory duty calculations and reports are included.


Inward Processing

IP is all about managing your components in and finished items out. Our system uses Langdon receipt data for the components and commercial data for the finished items. The Bill of Materials can be handled by the system or, alternatively, managed commercially prior to passing the relevant removal transactions. All duty calculations and reports are included.


Simplified Customs Declaration Process

Our web-based declaration solution is cost effective and customs compliant. Enabling you to submit supplementary declarations electronically to HMRC at the touch of a button. ‘Profiles’ can be created to define the key data reporting requirements for recurring business import/release transactions. The relevant fields are then pre-populated so only variable details require data entry.


Excise Movement and Control System

Langdon provides a fully integrated EMCS solution. Inbound EMCS movements are automatically assigned to the relevant Excise intake as part of the goods receipt process. Outbound movements use shipment data processed via the Warehouse module to populate the e-AD(electronic Administrative Document) details. The system supports the full suite of messages and movement types and provides effective management of e-ADs across all warehouse sites.


Visit our sustainability page to find out more about how we endeavour to be greener.


Customer Product Board

As a valued customer we would welcome your input into the development of our products and services. A quarterly “Customer Advisory Board” allows us to share our thoughts with you and more importantly, gives you a seat at the table in front of our developers to ensure we future proof your customs solution development and our joint goals are aligned in partnership.

We believe that strong communication is the key to a successful relationship. So, soon we will be launching a portal that will allow our partners to provide feedback easily on new, planned or existing features.


Clear communication is critical to any relationship, be it business or personal. Communication helps us to better and understand and thus, better provide.


We are committed to listening to you, our partners and to provide value to you through the features we develop.


Your needs influence what we deliver. Make your voice heard to help us develop.