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Use our team of experts as your own in-house consultancy. We can assist you in relation to all HMRC customs matters.


Customs Consultancy Services


Get a free Declaration Health Check

Langdon's Customs Consultants are offering a free-of-charge “health check” on your declarations. We can check a period that you (the customer) have identified, or we can pick a period and check the declarations that have been made looking for any errors or improvements.

How the health check works:


What we will do for free...

We will review a selected amount of customs declarations for the UK only, across an agreed specified time period for any declaration errors. This involves cross-checking the following against documentation:

  • Commodity codes
  • Procedure codes
  • Valuation details
  • Amounts
  • Incoterms

What we will do for a fee...

If an overpayment of duty is found:

Our consultants can look at further entries for up to three years and submit the repayment to HMRC on behalf of the customer, for a small percentage of the repayment amount.*

Your Langdon consultant will also check for any missed saving opportunities with things like preference/quotas or tariff suspensions.

*The customer must agree to help with providing information that consultants request and agree that any overpayments of duty found will be submitted to HMRC by ourselves with a % fee taken from the repayment.

Overpayment Example:

Goods eligible for Returned Goods Relief (RGR) being declared to standard free circulation procedure codes, missing out on relief from Import Duty and VAT:


Pair of shoes with a
customs value of £50


100 occurrences
over 3 years


16% import duty = £8
20% VAT = £1.60

3 year total:
£800 import duty + £1160 import VAT =

Our consultants can also offer advice on:

Authorisation Support

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Customs Warehousing
  • Simplified Customs Declaration Process (SCDP) – SDP/EIDR
  • Inward Processing
  • Outward Processing
  • Authorised consignor/ consignee

Customs Audit Services

  • Critical review conducted of end to end purchasing through to import & customs declaration processes
  • Audit of historic data and identification of potential savings or cashflow benefits available
  • Identification of historic instances of non-compliance. Can be used to drive internal review of processes
  • Communication with HMRC on your behalf as required

In-House Training

  • Workshops around customs matters for general awareness
  • Background on customs compliance
  • Tailored to your specific area of business
  • Advice for dealing with HMRC audits
  • Can drive internal improvement and encourage self-review of existing processes

HMRC Audit Support

  • Assistance for specific instances where a customs audit is being undertaken by HMRC
  • Historic entry review to enable early detection and disclosure
  • Preparation/presentation of documents and audit trails
  • In person support during meetings/calls if required
  • Review of any assessments made and advice on how to proceed

Authorisation Support can involve:

Initial suitability

Discussion and regime overview

Gap analysis

Identify areas for improvement to meet authorisation criteria

Bridging advice & support

How to get to where you need to be

Application support

End to end application support

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