About Langdon

Customs experts with forty years experience

Founded in 1985 Langdon has been at the forefront of the customs industry for almost forty years. Throughout that time we have maintained a strong relationship with HMRC to ensure our solutions stay compliant. We provide powerful customs management and declaration solutions for import and export businesses. From simple submission tools to comprehensive bonded warehouse systems. Langdon deliver compliance as a minimum, but with our solutions, our customers get much greater control and ultimately better margins.

We’ve helped over 100 customers with their customs requirements, from retail and wholesale customers, manufacturing to logistics industries.

Customs Duty Management Products and Solutions

Langdon offers several products that support import and export businesses with their customs requirements in the United Kingdom.
From simply making customs declarations to HMRC right through to stock optimisation and making duty payments our solutions can handle it. Alongside our products we can offer customs consultancy and even additional training services to our customers.

Why Langdon?

We handle about
of supplementary declarations to HMRC
We have
nearly forty years
of experience in CDM
You can talk
to our qualified
customs experts
We offer
a comprehensive excise-solution

Clients and credibility

We have a loyal, long-established client base who trust us to keep them compliant. We are also one of the leading declarers of Supplementary Declarations.

Cash-flow benefit

Our unique method of bonded warehouse stock management can potentially reduce duty liability.

Excise product

We have a fully fledged and compliant EMCS and UK Excise system.